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Faros Live = You & me


This summer Marcus Granfors, Ben Bergman and Tuukka Aitoaho will be entertaining the people of Vaasa once again. Faros Live was such a winning concept so there was no plans to end it. The boys are quick to point out that Faros Live is not only a band, it is the people and staff who are contributing to the great feeling at Faros.

When you have the sunniest terrace in Vaasa, good music and super people, it is very easy to achieve this undeniable feeling.

With that said, Faros Live is something for everyone. For those who really are into music, for the friends who like the seaview and the sun, for the hungry and thirsty people and for the families who wants to play on Faros Beach.

Before Faros Live are live and kicking, you are welcome to enjoy After Beach at the terrace. There will be snacks from the barbeque, summery drinks and a Live Dj is playing that funky music.


All this, every Wednesday! Welcome, we’ll see you here!


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