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Spring is on its way and the Grand Reopening of Faros Restaurant Ship is getting closer! The actual opening date is the 26th of April at 5 pm! Pencil it in!
We have worked hard to get the boat in beach 2017-condition and soon we are getting there.

This season we have loads of fun stuff to offer. May Day lunch is coming up on the opening week. Let’s celebrate it in style with family and friends at Faros. Mother’s Day is following and we would like to take care of your precious mothers that day. For table reservations, please contact us.
The customers means all to us so this year we are continuing our very best customer service and are making sure that everybody feels content and happy on board. We are getting more seating areas and you will get snacks from a barbecue on the terrace. A cold beer with that and you never want to leave.
Fore deck is getting some new cool seats for the best ocean view and sundeck is going to be such a chill place. Just enjoy the sofas, lounge feeling and some summery drinks. Needless to say, the drinks will be coming to you and not the other way round.
And there will be live music with the eminent Faros Live! Every summer Wednesday on the terrace. And on weekends you will get amused by happenings and musicians. But get in early for some AFTER BEACH! The grill will be on fire and drinks will be cooler than ever.
Really think we have all the ingredients for a great summer, we can’t wait!

Heartily Welcome!

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