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Have a sneak peek what’s going on at Faros… Read more


Spring is on its way and the Grand Reopening of Faros Restaurant Ship is getting closer! The actual opening date is the 26th of April at 5 pm! Pencil it in!
We have worked hard to get the boat in beach 2017-condition and soon we are getting there. Read more

Let us present Faros Live!

Our new concept, Faros Live is the cherry on the cake. It adds depth to the great #farosfiilis experience. It will be the perfect chance to meet people every summer Wednesday!
Faros Live consists of three well known musicians; Ben Bergman, Marcus Granfors and Tuukka Aitoaho. Together they will be entertaining the customers on the sunniest terrace in Vaasa. There will be both old and new songs. Sometimes the band will invite some guest musicians to play as well. Read more


It seems like Autumn is here to stay. The summer was too short as usual, but we are looking forward  to the autumn sun, fresh air and colourful leaves. At Faros the season continues. From the terrace to the cosy indoors restaurant. Read more

From Faros with love

A Hamburger is such a simple dish. You can eat it when you’re super hungry or when you’re just a little bit peckish. It’s easy to change its taste and ingredients. If you’re feeling healthy, you can always swap the fries for a big salad. Read more

Heartfelt music

It is time for Duo Jag to enter the stage of Faros. On friday will we be enjoying the music of these two talents.

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Summer workers at Faros

We have now chosen those who will be working for us this summer. A great grouo of people! Thank you to all applicants.